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It is our goal to develop and continue developing technology to help senior citizens, but we we need your help to do that to the best of our abilities! Whether you work with seniors, have a senior in your family, or are a senior yourself, your input helps us make the best decisions for our technology. Together, we can design easy-to-use and simple products and services that help seniors enjoy their lives and find confidence in their ability to navigation today's technology.


What is beta testing?

Beta testing is an end-of-development process that gives real users the chance to test and influence our app before the official launch. 

Why is it important?

Beta testing is super important to the development process because it ensures that we release a product that we know our users will be happy with. It helps us catch bugs and errors in our software in addition to letting us know if we need to change how features function or need to add anything. If we skipped this step, we could not be confident in the service we are providing to our users.

What is involved?

Beta testing is quite simple and mainly consists of you using our app as you normally would and providing us with feedback. To ensure we have the best foundation possible for our app, it also may involve guided task completion sessions, user interviews, or surveys that you complete online. 

User Interviews

Feature Tests

Online Surveys

Guided Feedback


Early Access

One of the benefits of participating in our beta testing program is that you get access to upcoming features before they are officially released. As our feature development focuses on improving your experience, that means you can start enjoying additional benefits sooner.

Direct Access to Our Team

We develop tools for older adults, gearing features towards the preferences of this demographic. As tech companies swoop in on the easiest to reach market of youth and teens, we come in to support the population left out of the movement.

Feature Influence

Part of being a beta tester is having the ability to influence the direction of our app. By providing feedback on our features, you can help us fix any errors, remove any unwanted functionality, optimize current functionality, or add features that you want most.


We truly value your time and input in the program. To honor your efforts, we will compensate you through Amazon gift cards of various amounts depending on the activity we asked you to participate in. It is our way of saying thank you through the screen.


Being a beta tester can be a very fun and rewarding experience. However, we recognize that it is a time commitment. As such, we have created three programs with varying commitment levels to best fit in with your interests and schedules.

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If you have much time, but are interested in helping out, this is the perfect level for you! At this level, you have the opportunity to participate in online surveys about the app.

Asset 12.png


If you want to have a bit more say in the app's development, this level is perfect for you! You will have the opportunity to participate in online surveys and virtual interviews.

Asset 17.png


This level is the most involved and includes opportunities to participate in online surveys, virtual interviews, and you will get early access to new features.


What type of user are you?
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Together, we can help those who matter most to us.


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