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For nonprofits.

Increasing market access.

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Seniors are excluded.

Isolation and loneliness affect more than half of the 54 million seniors in the United States. This threatens business viability and worsens when businesses leave seniors unaccounted for.

Tech falls short.

Seniors remain disconnected from local businesses because current solutions are not accessible to them. Most services don’t address this.

This impacts businesses.


Senior loneliness and isolation negatively impact customer volume and total revenue.


An isolated, growing senior population stunts business growth and potential.


When seniors are unaccounted for, businesses risk their community standings.

We provide tools to help.

For Seniors

Social Interaction

Discovery and communication tools to form local connections.

Community Engagement

Planning tools to meet others in their communities and engage with local businesses.

Senior Discounts

Discounts offered by local businesses to save money on everyday spending.

For Businesses

Upgraded Market Access

Expand customers reached with seniors who are newly motivated to socialize and explore.

Service Advertisement

Make your business known to seniors and open to hosting community meet ups.

Customer Retention

Improve your reputation by supporting seniors and making all customers feel valued.

How to get involved with WISE.


Send us your events & sales.

Advertise your events in the WISE app to upgrade your market access, reduce acquisition cost, and boost sales.


Sign up for user testing.

Help us improve your experience with our app! As a user tester, you can let us know which features serve you best.


Become a WISE space.

Have your business displayed as a WISE space in our app by submitting an application to begin the verification process.

Interested in learning more?

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