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How we enhance community wellbeing.

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Seniors are disengaged.

Loneliness affects more than half of the 54 million seniors in the United States. Without an accessible solution available to them, both community engagement and service utilization suffer.

Tech falls short.

Seniors remain disconnected from their communities because current solutions are not accessible to them. Most services don’t address this.

This impacts communities.


With 16% of the population being seniors, lack of engagement costs beneficial community revenue.

Foot Traffic

Seniors struggle to find the resources they need to explore their community, reducing service usage.


Community engagement suffers when seniors don’t have technology to keep them connected.

We provide tools to help.

For Seniors

Social Interaction

Discovery and communication tools to form local connections.

Community Engagement

Planning tools to meet others in their communities and engage with local businesses.

Community Feedback Form

Dedicated space for seniors to ask for what they need and how they’d like to get it.

For Communities

An Inclusive Environment

Inclusive social tools that ensure all citizens feel like they belong.

Increased Foot Traffic

Direct seniors to local services and businesses for a more active community.

Happier Seniors

Increase senior satisfaction by extending them the opportunity to improve their community.

What we do for senior centers.

Engaging Technology

Our app digitizes existing services and activities offered by senior centers to provide seniors with an accessible, intuitive solution to become involved with senior centers in new ways.

Member Happiness

Senior center participants have higher levels of health, social interaction, and life satisfaction. Here at WISE, we maintain these statistics by increasing the happiness of senior center members.

Access to Resources

WISE connects senior centers to resources that benefit the seniors that attend them. We work to establish meaningful partnerships so that senior centers can spend more time upholding and enriching their programs.

Increased Utilization

75% of senior center participants visit their center 1 to 3 times per week for an average of 3.3 hours. By digitizing senior center services, we wish to increase senior center participation and time spent per visit.

What communities can do to help.



Provide respite care and social insurance programs.


Encourage Senior Discounts

Show seniors that they are valued in their community.


Increase Group Activities

Make more social opportunities available.


Have Open Communication

Include seniors in community newsletters and newspapers.


Connect Seniors 
to Volunteers

Facilitate home repair, home care, and meal delivery services.

How to get involved with WISE.


Advertise our app to your community.

Our app's beta version will be available on the Apple app store for free, easy download in August. Tell the seniors in your community about the WISE app and how it can connect them to the community. 


Encourage community participation in our research.

Call attention to our ongoing user interviews so that both seniors and local organizations can let us know how WISE can best serve them.


Support our beta test. 

Share our company flyers about our ongoing beta test and how seniors, local businesses, and local organizations can get involved.

Interested in learning more?

Check out our source articles.

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