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The WISE Cities platform.

What you are actually looking for.

Our platform is a free easy-to-use website that puts everything you are looking for in one place. It's built and tested with older adults and caregivers, so we know it does things right.

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Searching made easy.

Because complicated is overrated.

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1. Open the app.

No complicated downloads. Just click on this button on any device to open the app.

2. Pick how you want to search.

No one-way fits all. Coming soon, choose to search everything or by profile, by topic, or by location. 

3. Pick what you want to search.

No filtering through irrelevant options. Select a category of information, like government or health, and we hide everything else.

4. Type what makes sense to you.

No guessing the right search word. Our search algorithm finds what you are looking for regardless of how you phrase your search.

5. Explore without being overwhelmed.

No information overload. We show you options that are closest and most relevant first and provide only the information you need on each profile.

Some qualities we are proud to offer.

You asked, we listened.


Multilingual services.

We support diverse communities. Pick the language you are most comfortable with right at the start and we'll translate everything for you.


AA accessibility compliant.

Why make websites hard when you can make them easy. Once launched, our navigator will surpass federal web accessibility standards.

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