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Help Us Help You

You know you best. That's why we are always planning opportunities to involve you in our product development process. After all, we want this platform to be something that all of us created together as a community.

User Interviews

Feature Tests

Online Surveys

Guided Feedback

Research Opportunities

User Research

User research is how we get to know you - our users, customers, and beneficiaries and their needs, wants, and pain points. The goal is to learn exactly how you view the issue so that we can design the best solution.

User research is important because it ensures we are tackling the right problems in the right way. By listening to you, we can prioritize the right features and focus on the most pressing concerns. 

User Testing

User testing gives you the chance to test and influence our app before the official launch to help us make sure it is working well. 

User testing is important because it ensures that we release a product we know you will be happy with. It helps us catch bugs and errors in our software in addition to letting us know if we need to change how features function or need to add anything. 

Focus Groups

What Do You Get?

Sneak Peaks

One of the benefits of participating in our research opportunities is that you get to see and use unreleased features and services. This will give you a better idea of what you can expect from our product early so you know what you have to look forward to.

Direct Access to Our Team

As a research participant, you gain direct access to our team regarding your concerns, thoughts, and suggestions for the app. You can directly contribute to the development of our product roadmap by letting us know your feedback and wishes directly.

Feature Influence

Part of participating in our research is having the ability to influence the direction of our platform. By providing feedback on our features, you can help us fix any errors, remove any unwanted functionality, optimize current functionality, or add features that you want most.


We truly value your time and input in the program. To honor your efforts, we will compensate you through Amazon gift cards of various amounts depending on the activity we asked you to participate in. It is our way of saying thank you through the screen.

Who Can Participate?

Older Adults

We are actively searching for older adults to test out our product, provide us with product feedback, and tell us more about their primary needs when it comes to community engagement and living independently. 

Senior Centers

We welcome senior centers, community centers, and their staff members to participate in our research. We would love to learn what issues you frequently face and how we can best connect older adults to your services through our product.


We understand that caretakers and family members of older adults have a unique perspective on the issue we are trying to solve. We would love to hear your perspectives and what you would hope to find in a solution for the older adults your care for.


We encourage businesses that currently cater to or are interested in catering to older adults to participate in our research. We want to understand what obstacles you face when marketing to and developing products for the older population.

Data Policy

We understand how important your privacy is. The goal of our research is to improve our products for you, not to put your data at jeopardy. As such, we do not collect or attach personal identifying information to study responses unless explicitly given consent to do so. 

Responses may be aggregated and converted into general statistics for usage in product development, presentations, and on this website. If you are interested in learning more about our research policies and procedures, you may email us at

Research Sign Up

Sign Up

Sign up here to join our researching pool! We will reach out to you with research opportunities including survey, interview, and product testing opportunities. Participation is up to you!

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