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Who We Are

What We Do

We develop tools designed for older adults. Our current product works intimately with cities, local businesses, and communities to provide seniors with a go-to platform that enables them to increase their physical, mental, and social health and activity.

We are a student start up dedicated to innovating technical solutions which solve important problems that older adults face on a daily basis. It is our way of giving back to those who gave to us.

Our Goals

Help our seniors.

Our first and foremost goal is to help the seniors in our community. It was this goal that motivated us to start this journey in the first place, and it has been a shining light throughout the development and design process. We hope to continue to create technology that helps the seniors in our communities to thrive. 

Simplify technology.

Technology is far too complex given how long it has been around. In some ways, it has become the great joiner, but it has also become a greater divider for those who find it daunting. Our goal is to develop apps and services that simplify common digital services to a level that narrows these divides. 

Improve our cities.

Another main goal of ours is to help the cities in our country find better ways to engage with and motivate their senior populations to get out into the world and explore. Cities often lack the resources or knowledge to find ways to do this, and we hope that our technology can help them find better ways to do so.

Pave the way.

Finally, we are also on this journey for others. We hope that by innovating new ways to design technology for groups like seniors, we can inspire other companies to do the same! We still have a long way to go to achieve this goal, but we are happy to aim high if it means helping others!

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Our Values


We know how important trust is in the sphere of technology, especially considering our user base. Given this, we aim to pursue a path of honesty and transparency with our community while focusing heavily on ensuring their safety as they go out and explore their cities.


We truly care about the people we are designing our services for. As such, being able to empathize and understand the experiences and situations of our users is extremely important to us. Your voice is what we care about the most.


Too often complexity and technology go hand in hand. We firmly believe that this pairing is not right, or even necessary, to make functioning and helpful services using technology. It is our goal to find ways to simplify digital interfaces to provide the best experiences we can.


Our goal is to put our innovation to good use helping the people and communities around us. Whether through designing apps, digital products, or even services that exist in the physical world, we hope that our innovation will make a positive difference in the lives of our users.

Meet the Team


Marie Brodsky


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Kat Close


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Sonia Warrior


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Victoria Chai


Our Team

W I S E Cities






Coming Soon


Pilot Launch in Northern Virginia.

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