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Expand your reach
WISE Cities.

Let's get you discovered.

Managing a business is complicated enough, reaching your audience shouldn't be. We are hassle-free discovery for senior-serving businesses and organizations.


What we do for organizations.

Here's what you have to look forward to.

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Easy discovery.

Our platform sorts your organization into an intuitive search category to help customers find you easier. 

Compound listings.

Create profiles for your organization, franchise locations, events, and groups to create multiple customer funnels.


Keep track of profile performance, audience preferences, and platform ROI through a curated statistics dashboard.

Guided marketing.

Receive tips and tricks on how to best format and curate your information for this audience during the profile creation process.

Helpful reminders.

Receive relevant reminders to update information when you make changes to your website to keep your listing accurate and dependable.

Expanded audience.

Have your profile automatically translated into different languages or made available to support networks to grow your reach.

Here's why it matters.

We've done the research.


AARP found that 62% of older adults feel ads have unrealistic representation of life after 50 and 47% believe current marketing promotes outdated stereotypes, which heavily reduces conversion rates and sales. 

We help you frame your services right.

Information overload.

Pew Research found that 50% of people experience increased stress and difficulty finding information necessary to make decisions when organizations make them do most of the work.

We help you support your audience.


Academic institutions found that older adults often don't self-identify need for certain services due to patronizing communication, negative stereotypes about aging, and fear of losing independence.

We help your audience feel good about you.

2024 Pilot

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