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Communities should stay accessible as we age.
WISE Cities makes it happen.

Smarter Tech.

Let's face it, most apps are not accessible to everyone. Specifically, most apps are not accessible to the people who really need them, like our older adults. Each day, older adults miss out on easy solutions to big problems because the technology those solutions are provided through is simply not designed with them in mind. 


Our solutions start with smarter technology.

Wiser Cities.

We think we can all agree that the best cities are by far those that care about all of their inhabitants. However, it can be hard for cities to find ways to meet the needs of everyone simply due to how much those needs vary. Our goal is to help cities do just that for a portion of their population - their older citizens.

Our solutions create wiser cities. 

Happier Older Adults.

We are certain many of us realize how many obstacles seniors must face on a daily basis. From inaccessible technology to inadequate transportation to lack of information and more. All of these factors keep seniors disconnected from their families and communities, which significantly increases isolation, loneliness, physical inactivity, and the subsequent health effects.

Our solutions end with happier people.

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We Make Connection Easy

Meet People

Meeting people can be tricky, and it can be hard to know where to start. We help members take the first few steps towards forming lasting connections with tailored recommendations.

Find Groups

Group discovery can be difficult. Our app helps older adults easily form and join groups around common interests so that they can engage with other who share their passions. 

Plan Events

Partnering with cities and senior centers gives us unique tools to help older adults organize and attend events group and sponsored so they can take pursue their interests in the local area.

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Our Supporters

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The Town Is Talking About Us

From Older Adults...

This is a super idea and very well thought through! Let's spread the word!


I would absolutely share. The idea of finding local similarly minded folks in a similar age bracket is excellent.


To Their Communities...

It could be a game changer for this population to stay connected as they age.

Anita Light

Fairfax City Village Organizer

I direct a nonprofit that supports seniors aging in their homes. So I’m very excited to participate....

Janet Buchanan

Mount Vernon at Home Exec Dir.

To Their Cities...

[We] are proud to support... This exciting smart city project sponsored by the Fairfax City EDA will help seniors engage with one another and avoid social isolation. Be sure to follow this group as they launch their pilot project in Fairfax this fall."

Christopher Bruno

Fairfax City Director of Economic Development

To the News...

[The] proposal is expected to have significant positive effects on the quality of life of people in the city and connect residents and visitors with local businesses, the city said. Projects will be supported by a micro-grant to each team for development and implementation.

MSN, 2021

W I S E Cities






Coming Soon


Pilot Launch in Northern Virginia.

Help Us Research

Your feedback is what makes this app unique, and we understand how valuable it is in ensuring our products best fulfill your needs in the best way possible. If you would be willing to press some buttons, play around with some screens, and tell us your thoughts, you have the chance to influence the future of our app for seniors everywhere. 

Influence upcoming features.

Fulfilling our users' needs is our top priority, and our features reflect that. Help us choose what to add next or what to change by letting us know what will help you most!

Access updates early.

We make sure that the products we release are the best they can be, and we do that by having users like you test new features first to help us figure out what can be improved. Get access to unreleased versions of the app early to help us make sure what we release is of the best quality!

Build the experience.

Our app is designed to provide the best and easiest experience to seniors while providing them with the features and functionality they want. However, we know that we can only build this experience properly designing it alongside seniors rather than apart from them. Help us make sure you get the best experience out of our app!

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