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Unlocking communities for older adults.

Communities should stay accessible as we age. We make it happen.
As piloted by Fairfax City Economic Development.
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Everything in one place.

Just as it should be.

Staying independent does not have to become harder as we age. We know that everything we need to be happy, healthy, and independent as we get older exists within their communities, but we also know that everything can be a lot to sort through alone. We are here to help turn everything into the right thing for all older adults wanting to get out there on their own terms.

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One place for everyone.

Keeping older adults connected with the people, resources, businesses, and governments they care about.
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For older adults.
For families.
For community centers.
For businesses.
For municipalities.

Things done wiser.

Keeping older adults connected with the people, resources, businesses, and governments they care about.
Wiser Technology

Technology is best when it is not frustrating. We work extensively with older adults from all backgrounds to design and test our platform and features so that they are accessible, usable, and fun to use.

Wiser Connections

Relationships are best when they happen naturally. Our platform connects older adults with groups, activities, and services involving their interests so they can meet likeminded people the natural way.

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Wiser Communities

Communities work best when they are accessible. Our platform makes community opportunities visible and easy to navigate so that older adults can get involved on their own terms, anytime, anywhere.

The town is talking about us.

Hear what real people have to say about our work.
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“This is a super idea and very well thought through! Let's spread the word!”
Gerhild, Older Adult

“It could be a game changer for this population to stay connected as they age.”
Fairfax City Village Organizer

“This company's work is being recognized at the family, community, and municipal levels, and we have full confidence in their capacity to make a difference."
Fairfax City Economic Development Office

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“[The] proposal is expected to have significant positive effects on the quality of life of people in the city and connect residents and visitors with local businesses.
MSN, 2021

Help us help you.

Share your wisdom with our team.

We want to work with you to get this done right. If you would be willing to press some buttons, play around with some screens, share your experiences, and tell us your thoughts, you can help us make our platform the best it can be.

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