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For governments.

How we empower an aging population.

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Services aren’t reaching older adults.

Each year, billions of dollars of senior services are left unused because older adults are not aware of eligibility requirements or program existence.

We help you get discovered.

Here’s what you can find on our platform.

Increased Visibility

Set up compound profiles to increase visitor traffic with multiple in-platform funnels and external SEO.

Guided Marketing

Receive guidance on making your information resonate with older customers.

Comparative Statistics

Track engagement and interaction statistics across all profiles and industry standards.

Service Referrals

Find local services in your jurisdiction to refer to your members when they call for recommendations.

Constituency Feedback

Receive reviews and feedback from your constituency based on their experiences.

Economic Activity

Foster economic activity by supporting older consumers and local services on the platform.

Technology done right.


Our platform was designed and built alongside older adults and caregivers. We have gone through extensive user research and usability testing to make sure your constituency loves it.


Every one searches and interacts with technology differently. We’ve provided multiple ways to search and interact with our interface to make technology comfortable for everyone.


We are working hard to make our platform AA accessibility compliant, the highest level of compliance according to federal standards for website. We’ll test and post our results after our Version 2 launch.


We are constantly researching new technology to add to our platform. Soon, we’ll be adding AI search assistants, chatbots, and more to help get your information to the people who want it.

How to get involved with WISE Cities.

Help us reach more people like you.

Use our platform.

Simple! The more that you use the platform, the more data we get on how to optimize our platform’s experience. It also shows the needs for our platform, which helps us get the financial support we need to keep serving community centers like you.

Partner with us.

Help us spread awareness of our services throughout your jurisdiction through partnered marketing campaigns and official backing.

Share your wisdom.

You know you and your needs best. Become a research participant and help us improve our offerings by telling us how we can support you or what you would like see on our platform.

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