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For community 

How we bring new faces to you.

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Good news! Our beta is FREE for community organizations, including senior centers, community centers, recreation centers, libraries, villages.

Gaining local visibility can be hard.

In the United States, there are currently 55 million older adults, but the almost 40,000 community organizations that exist are only able to capture about 23% as active members. The top reported reasons include a lack of information about what is offered and scheduling difficulties.

We help you get discovered.

Here’s what you can find on our platform.

Increased Visibility

Get listed on our platform for free and receive SEO and traffic on our platform and Google.

Program Awareness

Bring interest-based traction through independent profiles for your groups and events.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Find other local senior-service organizations to support and who can support you.

Diverse Audiences

Spread awareness of your services to a diverse audience through our multilingual capacities.

Member Feedback

Receive reviews and feedback from your members based on their experiences with you.

Volunteer Recruitment

Advertise paid and unpaid opportunities to our users directly on your profile to help make staffing easier.

Technology done right.


Our platform was designed and built alongside older adults and caregivers. We have gone through extensive user research and usability testing to make sure your audience loves it.


We know you're busy. That's why setting up a profile on our platform can take as little as 20 minutes and does not require any design or coding. Just add in your content and we do the rest!


We are working hard to make our platform AA accessibility compliant, the highest level of compliance according to federal standards for website. We’ll test and post our results after our Version 2 launch.


We are constantly researching new technology to add to our platform. Soon, we’ll be adding AI search assistants, chatbots, and more to help get your information to the people who want it.

How to get involved with WISE Cities.

Help us reach more people like you.

Use our platform.

Simple! The more that you use the platform, the more data we get on how to optimize our platform’s experience. It also shows the needs for our platform, which helps us get the financial support we need to keep serving community centers like you.

Refer our platform to your members and partners.

Refer our platform to your members and their families when asked for service recommendations or search sites. Help us spread our impact by making your community aware of us.

Host platform demonstrations or research events.

Help us onboard and learn from your members by hosting technology demonstrations or research events at your center. We provide food and goodies for your members while learning how we can improve our platform’s experience.

Share your wisdom.

You know you and your needs best. Become a research participant and help us improve our offerings by telling us how we can support you or what you would like see on our platform.

Become a champion.

Help us spread the word about our platform to others by becoming a champion! Pass out flyers, represent us at events, and connect us with local organizations you believe should be on our platform.

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