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For caregivers.

How we help you and those you care for.

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Finding support can be challenging.

In the United States, there are over 41.8 million people just like you providing care to a loved one over the age of 50. On average, these caregivers spend about 24 hours per week providing care and 13 hours per month looking for information.

You’re not alone.

40% experience negative

physical health impacts.

It can be difficult to find time to take care of yourself and your health.

47% experience negative

mental health impacts.

It can be emotionally taxing to care for a loved one during this period of change.

50% experience negative

professional impacts.

It can be hard to balance caregiving with your career and professional life.

We are here to support you.

Here’s what you can find on our platform.

Helpful Services

Discover local paid and free services that can help you provide care to your loved one.

Government Programs

Find local, state, and national government programs that support you and your loved one.

Support Groups

Connect with local support groups for caregivers like you and learn about their activities.

Social Activities

Find local activities and events that help your loved one stay engaged physically and mentally.

Local Centers

Find local centers and care facilities that can engage your loved one during the day.

Technology done right.


Our platform was designed and built alongside older adults and caregivers like you. We have gone through extensive user research and usability testing to make sure you love it.


Everyone searches and interacts with technology differently. We’ve provided multiple ways to search and interact with our interface to make technology comfortable for everyone.


We are working hard to make our platform AAA accessibility compliant, the highest level of compliance according to federal standards for website. We’ll test and post our results after our Version 2 launch.


We are constantly researching new technology to add to our platform to keep it relevant and useful. Soon, we’ll be adding AI search assistants, chatbots, and more to make things even easier.

How to get involved with WISE Cities.

Help us reach more people like you.

Use our platform.

Simple! The more that you use the platform, the more data we get on how to optimize our platform’s experience. It also shows the needs for our platform, which helps us get the financial support we need to keep serving caregivers and family members like you.

Help your relative get started on our platform.

We understand how important independence and a sense of control is during the aging process. Help them regain control over searching for community information by walking them through our platform and its features.

Share your wisdom.

You know you and your needs best. Become a research participant and help us improve our offerings by telling us how we can support you or what you would like see on our platform.

Become a champion.

Help us spread the word about our platform to others by becoming a champion! Pass out flyers, represent us at events, and connect us with local organizations you believe should be on our platform.

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